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The last business training program you’ll ever need. Period.

Because we bring all the others to you.

American Business Institute’s step-by-step business training guides you to achieve Business Mastery.

Only ABI offers the exclusive Business Mastery Triptych combination (Resource, Education and Support) and graduated (Tiered) services for success at every level of your business.

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Business Mastery is the process of becoming Master and Commander of your own ship.  We make the business part of your work fun by rewarding you for the things you have to do anyway–planning, review, education, increased profitability, hiring, etc.

Move up through the ranks from Conscript through Commander and finally to Captain and qualify to join us at the Captains Table.

Those who choose may move on to Commadore.

A Commodore becomes a member of an Apex Fleet—the prestigious group who, each member having attained the rank of Master Mariner, have elected to join forces with one another to give of their resources to causes and projects. They may constitute investment groups, benefactors to charitable organizations, advisory boards, or mentorship.


At-a-glance, here’s what you get from Business Mastery: 

  • Learn real-life business basics – Our program is like a graduate business school, only focused on real-world business issues and strategies, not ivory-tower academics.
  • Gain insights into your business – What are you doing right? What can you do better? What are your business objectives? Your measurable metrics?
  • Get expertise (and get energized) in our team approach – Even if you’re a solo-preneur, you shouldn’t fly solo. With our MasterMind team approach, an experienced team of business professionals provides perspective and expertise.
  • Make immediate progress – Out of the gate, you’ll learn marketing, prospecting, and sales techniques that get results. You’ll learn how to study financial data, so you can read the “story” the numbers tell. You’ll create a Strategic Plan and Business Plan so you can clarify, envision, and plan for your success.
  • Achieve greater success, faster than you think – With business mastery skills, you’ll learn how to think like a CEO instead of an employee. You’ll make long-term, strategic decisions instead of short-term, snap decisions. You’ll see opportunities instead of problems. And you’ll achieve financial success much faster than you thought possible!

Our Guarantee: We believe that an investment should return 4 to 10 times the cost, be it in time, money, or energy.  If you find you are not getting that kind of return on the time and money you invest in your membership, let us know.  We’ll fix it.*





*The ABI guarantee is, of course, dependent upon whether you are working your program. If you are dissatisfied, we will cheerfully refund double your membership fee for the present month.  Materials are non-refundable.  Exchanges can be made for defective products or those damaged in shipping.

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