Navigation TEAM (NavTeam)

Membership in ABI means you have joined a NavTEAM of like-minded business owners.  The term TEAM is derived from the idea that

Together Everyone Achieves More.”

~ Attributed to Brian Tracy

The TEAM operates on the principle that “no one of us is smarter than all of us.”

~ Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager

The TEAM serves three primary purposes:

  • Implementation
  • Community
  • Resource


The TEAM is a place of safe accountability modeled after Napoleon Hill’s true mastermind groups.  While seminars and educational programs abound, actual growth and improvement means change and change is a painful and lengthy process.  The TEAM holds one another accountable to the changes that each needs to make.  This is done with firmness and with compassion and understanding.


The TEAM provides outside eyes on your business.  The TEAM functions as your literal Board of Directors.  Their shared insight and experience helps you see the forest when you are face-pressed against a tree.  The synergy of working together accelerates success.  Each TEAM is part of the larger ABI organization of like-minded individuals who further support and sustain one another.


TEAM members are a resource to one another, sharing their respective wisdom, experience and technical expertise.  As part of the larger community, ABI members may draw upon the general membership for needed expertise.  ABI members may access the growing online library of continuing education information, market analysis and industry specific newsletters.  Collaboration with affiliate organizations makes available the best in business training and large group benefits.

The TEAM is comprised of members and is facilitated by a TEAM Lead.  TEAM logs are kept by a TEAM Secretary.  A TEAM instructor may be designated to lead training and instruction.  Other roles may be assigned, as the TEAM deems necessary.  Some roles may include trend analysis and market news, networking and events, and so forth.

Personal integrity and maturity are essential for a TEAM to function.  The TEAM must be a place where one is made to feel safe to be honest with themself and with their team-mates.  All TEAM members sign confidentiality agreements.

Each ABI member is part of a global organization.  Multiple TEAMs form Districts.  Multiple Districts form Areas.  Multiple Areas form Regions.  Each level is overseen by a Leader at that level and may have assistants, as occasion requires.

As part of a global organization, members may avail themselves of the many growing benefits of ABI membership.

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