Advancements and Merit Awards

Rewards and recognitions for achievement are more important to adults than we may know.  Large achievements are often rewarded—Championships, Oscars, Grammies, Lifetime Achievement Awards, etc.  However, it is the small achievements that go largely unacknowledged and make the large ones possible.  Too often the small achievements are taken for granted and dismissed as things that simply aught to be done.  These small milestones are prime for programing our subconscious mind for success.  Celebrate ALL successes.

For recognition and accountability, it is important to track and recognize milestones.  For each achievement and milestone accomplished in your journey, you will receive recognition in the way of Merit Awards and Rank Advancements.  Progress through the Ranks results in development of character, habits and skill sets that together will bring you to the Captain’s Table and all that means to you personally.

Following is the list of Merit Awards and Rank Advancements and their requirements.


Objective: Commitment to change and supporting others.

A new member achieves Conscript status when they enlist in The American Business Institute as a Member.  They have committed to leaving the safety of the harbor and to set sail on their adventure to Independence.  They have committed to actively participating in their local Navigation Team.


  • Understand and sign The Captain’s Code of Conduct.
  • Take the Captain’s Oath


Objective: Assess where you are.

A Sailor is one who has embarked on their journey of self-discovery and planning for their future.


  • Complete the Initial Assessment Wheel.
  • Complete the Personal Assessment Wheel.
  • Determine your basic Life Accounts.

Boson (Boatswain)

Objective: Own your future.

A Boson has begun to take ownership for their future.  They have decided and written what they want to accomplish and what it is to look like as well as identifying the driving reasons for doing it.Objective: Develop your Purpose Statement


  • Write Vision Statements for each Life Account.
  • Write Purpose Statements for each Life Account.
  • Write an overall Vision Statement for your life.
  • Write an overall Purpose Statement for your life that captures your “Big WHY”.


Objective: Take command.

Skipper is the first officer level rank.  A Skipper is one who has taken command of their life and their business.  They are persons of action who are changing habits with intent.  They have developed the skills to plot their own course.Objective: Determine your Numbers


  • Create your Action Plan
  • Write your 5yr Mission Statement.
  • Write your One Page Action Plan™
  • Define what Lead, Buying Conversation, and Client mean to you
  • Define your Ideal Client
  • Define your Value Proposition (see Soul Proprietor, p.
  • Employ the Weekly Master Planner™ for 90 consecutive days.
  • Employ the MoneyMap™ for 90 consecutive days.
  • Prepare three consecutive Monthly Combined Financial Statements.

Merchant Mariner

Objective: Identify your processes and systems.

The Merchant Mariner is one who has developed and refined their processes and procedures.  They are sufficiently in command to begin bringing on crewmembers who engage their respective processes.  The Merchant Mariner leverages their time and resources to be even more effective.Objective: Identify your processes and systems.

  • Create your Process Map
  • Determine roles and responsibilities in your process.
  • Determine the value of each role.
  • Determine who should fulfill each roll.
  • Write the policies and procedures for each role.
  • Demonstrate consistency in implementing your One Page Action Plan™.


Objective: Demonstrate sustainable stability and growth.

Those who attain the rank of Captain have demonstrated their ability to command their own vessel and lead those on board. They are entrusted with the care of others.  They are reliable and steadfast in their relationships and their business.Objective: Demonstrate sustainable stability and growth.


  • Fill the roles of the process map. (Stage 5)
  • Demonstrate sustainable stability and growth for 6 months.

Master Mariner

Objective: Become a Millionaire (Hint: It’s not about the money.)

The Master Mariner has captained his vessel to its intended destination.  They have demonstrated their capacity to successfully navigate the treacherous waters of life and business.


  • Have Prosperity Net Worth of $1 million.
  • Present your next One Page Strategic Plan™


The Corsairs are the prestigious groups who, each member having attained the rank of Master Mariner, have elected to join forces with one another to give of their resources to causes and projects.  They may constitute investment groups, benefactors to charitable organizations, advisory boards, or mentorship.Objective: Share what you know.


  • Determine by what means and with whom you wish to share.
  • Present your Strategic Plan for approval.
  • Make application to the Corsair group or groups you wish to join.
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