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On Purpose Leadership (1st Coaching Session Free, 15% Off of All Following Sessions!*)

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Other Certifications: John Maxwell Team Coach, Teacher, and Speaker, Bob Burg Go-Giver Coach, Teacher and Speaker

Price Range of Services Rendered: $150.00-$5,000.00 per hour

Ideal Client Description: On Purpose Leadership works with leaders to help them find their purpose so that they can change the lives of others. At On Purpose Leadership, we strive to help individuals and organizations raise the level of their leadership lid. So, if you or your organization has been seeking an outside consultant, business coach, or motivational speaker, contact On Purpose Leadership right away. We’ll listen carefully to your challenges and create a customized approach to help you “light a fire” where and when you need it – and to help you put out the ones you don’t want! So, think of us as your own personal fire company, and let’s create a spark together, today!

On Purpose Leadership

The Fire of Leadership Begins with a SPARK!

Every fire begins with a spark. An idea. A glimmer of energy, which if carefully fostered and fueled can ignite a combustible material, unleash hidden energy, and become a bright, beautiful flame. But, depending on the circumstances, a fire can go out if not properly tended and fed. At On Purpose Leadership, our mission is to provide you, our professional clients, with that spark that will help you keep your business burning bigger and brighter!

Whether you are an individual, a department, or an entire company, your success depends on the level of drive, focus and leadership that is brought to the tasks at hand. No matter how effectively you are functioning, there is always the opportunity to improve. To do better. To learn more. To burn brighter. This is why everyone – from professional athletes to top business executives world-wide – seek outside coaching or consulting. You want to stay motivated, on-track, and be pushed to new heights.

At On Purpose Leadership, we know a thing or two about fire. And we can help get yours burning! Lead by Captain Mike Stanley of the Aurora, Colorado Fire Department, our sensational business coaching firm is available to provide customized consulting, motivational speaking, and leadership training on a case-by-case basis.


*Offering ABI members: 1st Coaching Session Free, 15% Off of All Following Sessions!

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