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Price Range of Services Rendered: $97 - $995 monthly depending on features plus initial setup fee

Ideal Client Description: Subsilio Consulting provides Reputation Marketing services and tools to small to medium sized businesses. We also work with well funded startups to create their reputation process to help them get more customers. Our ideal client has usually been in business at least 2 years and have revenues of $500K - $5M with up to 30 employees. The company may also have multiple locations. We work best with services companies that are either high ticket (think a medium-sized private mortgage company) or high volume (think a medium-sized plumber with 10+ techs). We love helping small businesses grow and get more customers by helping them getting real reviews from real customers. We have seen clients triple their revenue in less than a year using our processes.

At Subsilio Consulting, we agree with entrepreneurial legend Warren Buffet’s quote regarding reputation management, “We can afford to lose money — even a lot of money. But we can’t afford to lose reputation — even a shred of reputation.” Although Buffet was not referring directly to online reputation marketing, the quote is applicable. We believe that online reputation management is about generating trackable results with your digital marketing budget.

At Subsilio Consulting, we are passionate about making small businesses big. Our multifaceted approach to online reputation marketing encourages your customers to have confidence in your company, products and services. With a diverse array of online reputation management strategies, Subsilio Consulting is prepared to supercharge your online reputation and propel your business into a new era of success.

With google changing the rules of the game… no longer can your business solely rely on SEO to bring your web listing to the top of any first search page. Google, yahoo and soon bing, have now given that coveted spot to businesses that have reviews. Any reviews.

… and guess what? Good or bad, those reviews are now the first thing your prospective clients will see when searching for businesses like yours.

Our goal is to give your company an even playing field with the big guys…. we know you’re the best – now let’s make sure everybody else knows it too.

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