How Full is Your Bucket?


Today I had the privilege of being interviewed on the Experience Pros Radio Show on 560 KLZ the Source out of Denver. It was my first time ever being interviewed on the radio. Set aside the fact that I was nervous and didn’t use my joke “Hello Denver, I’m listening.” Set aside the fact that I choked and thought of a dozen better answers to the questions afterward. I had part in a wonderful experience, and that is about which I wish to write.

Eric and Angel, hosts of the Experience Pros Radio Show are an anomaly in more ways than one. Those who know them will understand. But in a world where most of what we hear in the media is toxic and festering, the Experience Pros bring a badly needed breath of fresh, positive air.

Their show is aptly billed as The “Most Positive Business Talk Show in America!” and given the way they made me feel, I have to agree. Their personable demeanor is no put on. It is genuine; as is their sincere interest in promoting good people doing good things in business. Fan Bragging Friday in indeed revolutionary.

So in a world where we are conditioned for the sensational, where the axiom “if it bleeds it leads” reigns supreme, the experience pros are leading a delightful revolution. They demonstrate every day on their show and in their interactions the right way for people to treat people in business. Thank you both for filling my bucket.

p.s. I’d like to see Matt Lauer do that.

July 22, 2014 |

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