September is about Sales?? Ugh!



In a straw poll we discovered that 4 in 5 solo-preneurs and entrepreneurs don’t like sales.  Yet without sales, there is no business!  In fact, as Darren Hardy, publisher Success Magazine, suggests this month, a business owner should spend 95% of their time on sales!  A hard pill to swallow for those that started their own business to do what they love.

Delving deeper we revealed what business owners don’t like is being sold, therefore they don’t want to be associated with that “distasteful” process.  A genuine quandary that keeps many business owners stuck.

As part of the counter-culture for which ABI is known, we are addressing the false perceptions that many hold regarding sales.

When asked, most business owners said:

  • “I am not a salesman.”
  • “Salesmen are pushy.”
  • “They are out to scam you”
  • “They are pushing things I don’t want or need.”
  • “(If I were a salesman) I would have to sell products that I don’t believe in.”
  • “They will tell you anything they think you want to hear.” (Raising false expectations and making false promises.)

Look at how the media propagates these stereo types.  Add to that the negative experiences that people have with “sales” people that fit the stereotype, and/or know little about their product or industry.  It is little wonder why business owners feel the way they do.  What is surprising is how pronounced the effect that deeply held belief has on ones own business.

This month we are working to shift a paradigm and internalize the reality that we are ALL selling all the time!

  • Selling is a service.
  • Selling is offering knowledge and expertise.
  • Selling means understanding someone else’s needs.
  • Selling means honesty, integrity, and clarity.
  • Selling means believing in your product or service. (Guarantee and warrantee)
  • Selling means servicing the customer.
  • Selling is about being an advocate for the customer.
  • Selling is about educating the customer

That kind of selling is not scary.  It’s exhilarating!  Who wouldn’t want to work with such salespersons?

This month’s discussion and training is to improve the skills in the area of sales.

For the best in-depth training on the subject, we recommend Achievement Dynamics sales training. Achievement Dynamics is an ABI Affiliate Partner and offers discounts for their select services to ABI Members.


September 8, 2014 |

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